Serious Bicycling: Let’s Make it Happen

We won’t talk you into anything and we won’t rub your shoulders. At the most we’ll offer you a coffee. We do what we do best, without exception: Fixing Bikes. It’s faster, handier, and simply more dependable.

From small accidents, to the yearly tune-up, to professional performance optimization, we are in our element.


Flat tires, broken gearshift, or total destruction, we fix it for you!


We take care of your bike as if it were our own. Simply pop in!


New breaks, new tires, bookrack, height adjustment?! We do it!


You still don’t have a bike?! Then let’s go! We have something here for everyone!

Bike Registration

If your bike gets stolen, have the code showing you’re the true owner.

Free Tire Inflation

In front of the store you will find our friendly mailbox with air hose inside.